Yukon Advantage

"Yukon is the #1 first world jurisdiction for the likely discovery and development of multiple worldclass gold deposits".

– CEO Survey Respondent (2011), Deloitte: Extracting value – Yukon Mining 2011: A core opportunity

The member companies of the Yukon Gold Mining Alliance have the expertise and resources to carry out mineral exploration and development all around the globe. And in fact, they do just that. Several of our member companies have mineral properties both in the Yukon and elsewhere. However, Alliance members have recognized that the Yukon star is on the rise. It's being called one of the best and most exciting jurisdictions in the world in which to conduct mineral exploration and mining.

Here's why....

  • The Yukon has world-class deposits, with 2,700 known mineral occurrences and more than 80 mineral deposits with established reserves, some of which are the largest known in the world.
  • The Yukon Geological Survey carries out unparalleled research and maintains extensive data on Yukon geological and mineral deposits.
  • The Yukon controls and manages its natural resources. Decisions about lands, water and mineral resources are made by Yukoners
  • The Yukon government understands business, promotes investment and supports responsible development.
  • The Yukon has mining laws that provide secure mineral tenure and has a single coordinated approach to environmental assessment and regulatory permitting.
  • The Yukon's royalties are amongst the most competitive in Canada.
  • Most Yukon First Nations have finalized land claim and self government agreements, providing even greater regulatory certainty.
  • The Yukon has well-developed infrastructure, including more than 4,800 kilometres of all-weather roads, numerous airports, clean energy, Internet and cell phone service throughout the territory.
  • The Yukon has direct access to Asia via two ice-free ports in neighbouring Alaska.
  • The Yukon has a long history of mining, with the mineral industry forming the foundation of the territory's private sector economy for over a century.
  • And, perhaps most encouraging, recent increases in mineral exploration activity have quickly reaped rewards, with significant discoveries in gold, silver and copper.
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