Founded in 2009, Yukon Mining Alliance (“YMA”), a strategic industry alliance of Yukon’s leading exploration, development and mining companies, is focused on creating innovative capital attraction initiatives to promote Yukon’s competitive advantages as a top mineral investment jurisdiction and its member companies and their Yukon-based projects.

All member companies must have identified resources and significant project expenditures in Yukon; as well as, adopt and adhere to a corporate sustainability policy including community relations, environmental responsibility and labour relations.

YMA’s initiatives include international “investment focused” roadshows, conferences, events and campaigns in the North American, European and Asian financial markets. Senior representatives from Government of Yukon support and participate in these targeted activities, delivering the message that Yukon has a unique competitive advantage as a politically stable and mining-friendly jurisdiction. Funded largely by the member companies, YMA also receives financial assistance from Government of Yukon.


  • To liaise between Yukon's minerals sector and the national and global investment and financing sources

  • To work together to promote awareness of and strength of investment for Yukon and YMA member companies

  • To work with Government of Yukon and Yukon Industry associations to develop opportunities that promote awareness of and strength of investment for Yukon and YMA member companies

  • To collectively identify a group of established companies which are committed to responsible and sustainable mineral exploration and development in Yukon

Top Ten Reasons to Invest in the Yukon

01. High Mineral Potential and Vastly Underexplored Territory

02. Political Stability, Secure Land Tenure and Established Mining Laws

03. Access to Year-Round Ice-Free Ports & Shorter Shipping Distance to Asia

04. Strong Road Infrastructure and Access to Hydro-Powered Electrical Grid

05. Settled Land Claims & First Nation Partnerships

06. Excellent Geoscience Database and Project Coordinators Appointed to Advanced Projects

07. Streamlined Environmental Assessment and Regulatory Process with Timeline

08. Yukon Mining Incentives Program

09. History of Mining and Mining-Friendly Jurisdiction

10. Access to Skilled Work Force with Labour Market Initiatives

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